Super Mario Land 2 DX

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Super Mario Land 2 DX

Postby Joppy24 » April 17th, 2018, 5:35 pm

Hello R9delta and everyone,

I downloaded one of your files. It called Super Mario Land 2 DX. I use my old gameboy game (Super Mario Land 2) on Retron 5. Then I put Super Mario Land 2 DX patch. It is not working on Retron 5. I only see screen glitch. I went to and download Super Mario Land 2 DX 1.12 ver. but it is the same problem. I wondering is it working on your Retron 5?
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Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX

Postby R9delta » April 18th, 2018, 8:09 pm

If you are getting the same glitch on the patch from it is likely an issue with the newest firmware on the Retron 5 and/or compatibility issues with changing over from a GB rom to a GBC. Unfortunately I do not own a Retron 5 anymore so I cannot go through and test to confirm or deny.
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