My final request

Post region conversions such as JPN to US here, also game to game conversions IE Star Fox to Star Fox 2.
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My final request

Postby Joppy24 » August 3rd, 2016, 5:15 am

I want to buy Metal Warriors and King of Demons (Majyuo) so badly but I can't afford them. I got everything I want but 2 miss games I looking for. My final request is I want to any SNES games conversion to Metal Warriors and King of Demons. And Power Blade NES conversion to Power Blade 2 NES. Thanks.
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Re: My final request

Postby R9delta » August 4th, 2016, 3:36 pm

Unfortunately converting from one game to another for the purpose of essentially playing downloaded roms is generally not a request I take upon myself to fulfill. I've made a few exceptions (including one for you already) but its a rule of thumb i stick to as there's plenty of other devices out there to simply play roms if that's what you want. However if you feel comfortable enough to do it yourself here's a basic rundown of the process:

1. Download an exact matching rom for a cartridge you own (example...a US copy of Super Mario World)
2. Download the rom that you want to patch your cartridge to (example...Metal Warriors)
3. Download this tool:
4. Remove the header from the matching rom of the cartridge you own that you'd like to convert from using the tool above
5. Do the same thing for the rom that you want to patch to
6. Download Lunar IPS ( and use it to create a patch from the headerless source rom (ex. Super Mario World) to the headerless end result rom (ex. Metal Warriors)
7. Use the patch that came about from the last step on your Retron 5 with the cartridge you made it for

For NES, Genesis, and GB games you can skip steps 3, 4, and 5. Hopefully you'll find these steps helpful to you as I will not be taking these requests myself. If not perhaps maybe someone else can assist you.
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Re: My final request

Postby Doug_xx2 » February 19th, 2019, 5:19 pm

I see that this has been on here a long time. However I am not going to lecture of try to make points.
Start with the apps and operating system fully updated on your Retron 5.

1) Make a retron 5 cheat sd card. It has to be formatted with a fat 32 file system. Retron has been tested with sd cards up to 32 mb according to their web site. (I am using a 64 gb card that I partitioned at 31 or 32 mb and formatted with the fat 32 file system)

2) make a sub folder in the retron folder that is called roms in the retron folder and sub folders for different game systems (I don't believe the folder name matters to the retron *shrug*).

3) use the Retron 5 IPS Creator v1 Beta program found at the link below to create patch files for the rom you are trying to load onto the system. ... Copy the IPS file into the apropriate rom folder on your SD card. The original rom file should not be required. (I did not create this program or upload it to the internet. Use at your own risk. I have downloaded and used the program to create rom file patches with no obvious problems)

4) Insert a cartridge into your retron 5 from the game system you want to play a game from

5) Insert your SD card into the sd card slot on the back of the retron 5

6) Boot your retron 5 normally and then go to game specific setting and load a patch from your sd card

7) Makes sure the expects headers is off and separate saves for patch is on. (works most of the time although sometimes you need to turn headers on)

8) Back up in the menu and play the game.

Note the patch file does not have to match the cartridge inserted. It does however have to be from the same system
also not all games will work. There are many factors that have a bearing on this. (I will not go into why as I am sure you really don't care LOL )

I hope this helps if you ever bother to come back looking or if someone else does like I did almost a month ago looking for the solution to this problem. I really do not understand why nobody else helped but whatever have fun.
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