Jailbreak 6.6 released (03/27/2018)

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Jailbreak 6.6 released (03/27/2018)

Post by R9delta » March 19th, 2018, 1:58 am

The jailbreak firmware for the Super Nt allows you to load roms onto the SD card instead of being restricted to the cartridge slot. Information about this and the download for it can be found here:



JB6.6 2018-03-27:

includes all fixes from official firmware v4.5,
fixed: Star Ocean 96mbit works now.
changed menu operation so that if you enter the settings menu in the file browser, it can be exited back to the file browser by hitting select (or backing all the way out using the back button).
changed file browser operation so that if you attempt to back out of it, you get warned that the running game will be ended and you cannot save any more.
changed: Cheat codes is moved into the file browser settings menu.
added CopySNES. Lets you dump carts/save RAM to the SD card. Files are placed into /COPYSNES/. The directory is created if it does not exist. See the text file for full instructions.
added: in jailbreak mode, tools menu appears on the main menu which has CopySNES and cheat codes.

JB6.5 2018-03-04:
includes all fixes from official firmware v4.4, which should solve most DMA-related random crashes
adds a menu bounce option (reinstated)
adds a new Save? dialog box
fixes both SRAM bugs (firmware 6.4 only saved once and had a nasty corruption bug). Please test it again so we can be sure the save functionality works as expected. Any save made on the jailbreak firmware 6.4 should be considered as potentially corrupted and must be discarded
fixes glitch with some games disabling the return to menu shortcut

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