RetroN 5 Fast Boot Patch

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RetroN 5 Fast Boot Patch

Postby hikaricore » September 21st, 2014, 11:10 pm

Fast boot patch info via Hyperkin's page here:

This patch will update your RetroN 5 unit, shortening the amount of time the you must hold the POWER button in order to turn on the unit. This patch only needs to be installed once; after it has been installed then the change is permanent.

WARNING: Although we have endeavoured to test this update as much as possible on several systems, as yet we are unable to assure that it is bug free. As the patch involves the system power up functionality it should be noted that there is some risk, although small, that the RetroN 5 could be rendered inoperable requiring repair.

Installation instructions

1. Download the patch ZIP file HERE
2. Extract the retron-system-update.img file from within the ZIP and place it on an SD card, in the root folder
3. Switch on the RetroN 5 if you have not already done so
4. Safely remove the SD card from your PC, then insert into your RetroN 5
5. Follow the on-screen instructions as indicated below to update the system software


6. After the installation has completed, the system will restart and the fast boot patch will be installed. You may now enjoy faster boot times

I can confirm personally that the boot time is much much faster, about a second of holding the button until the system lights up like christmas. :D
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