[Script]RetroN 5 ROM Dumper

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[Script]RetroN 5 ROM Dumper

Post by pceslayer » September 26th, 2018, 12:51 pm

Purpose of the script is to have an easy way to dump and rename ROMs copied from the RetroN 5. This script allows you to either dump a rom and manually enter a name or have it automatically be named based on NoIntro data.

This script assumes you have Windows 10 or PowerShell 4 installed and your RetroN 5 has already been rooted with ADB enabled.

The PowerShell script was written to use the included ADB.exe client and may not function properly without it.

"Fast cartridge loading" must be disabled if on firmware 2.4 or higher for proper dumping.

You must be on firmware 2.5 to dump Game Gear and Master System Cards.(3 in 1 hyperkin adapter required)

noIntroList.csv contains the following NoIntro dats:

Nintendo - Game Boy (20180916-053946)
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (20180915-084631)
Nintendo - Game Boy Color (20180915-083815)
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System (20180911-151940)
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System (Headered)(20180623-100311)
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (20180915-071733)
Sega - Game Gear (20180915-213938)
Sega - Master System - Mark III (20180914-004105)
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (20180915-222822)

You can download the script Here

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