Retron5 pad not working

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Retron5 pad not working

Postby propiro » December 14th, 2015, 7:36 am

Hello there, fresh retron5 user here.
I'm at point of begging for help - my retron5 unit worked perfectly fine for 1.5 month, untily yesterday, when gamepad stopped working mid-game of castlevania on GBA.
It was charged at 75%, there is no response for buttons (nor retron detects the controller, nor the controller flashes buttons when i press anything) - however, if i press the button under that tiny hole on the back, it flashes all 4 leds two times. So its not 'completely' dead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i am willing to donate some cash through paypal to fix this issue fast, if thats a thing.

Best regards,,
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Re: Retron5 pad not working

Postby Matthias » March 27th, 2018, 12:40 pm

Have the same problem
Is there any solution?
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Re: Retron5 pad not working

Postby ManCloud » September 16th, 2018, 12:55 pm

Hey there,

the RetroN 5 Wireless-Controller is s***... not very good!
Is uses "Mouse-Switches" (this kind) of poor quality which weardown pretty fast and loose contact.
It sounds like they're switching properly... but they dont!

You do well not using this controller...
Get a bluetooth controller from 8BitDo or ise a wired controller instead!

That's what everyone would tell you... BUT:

if you insist and you're good at soldering:
  • Get some tactile-switches (this kind) with at least 0.3in / 76.2 mm height (either 2-legged or 4-legged type will do)
  • open up the controller (you should only need a phillips-screwdriver)
  • desolder every single "Mouse-Switch"
  • replace them with the tacticle-switches (place them diagonally if they're the 4-leg kind)
  • trimm the button-head to size (0.3in / 76.2 mm | measured from PCB to TOP)
  • TEST IT! (push the PCB inside the case and "hear" if the buttons are working properly)
  • reassemble everything
  • be happy ^^
Note: You might need some force to apply the "cap" of the directional buttons if you used the 4-leg kind of tacticle-switches. Thats okay... just ensure, that everything sits tight or else the directional buttuns will be too loose.
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