Replace connector slot

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Replace connector slot

Postby DeathByBFG » October 10th, 2015, 12:39 am

Does anyone know if any of the connector slots for the R5 are modular? I know the end of my warranty is coming up and I'm sure the day will come when one of the (most likely NES) connector slots will need replaced. In fact, my NES connector broke tonight. I've been playing NES and SNES games lately and apparently some of my NES pins are bent out of shape in some form or another. In fact, one pin was so broken that it actually detached itself from the connector and is no longer there! Ever since this happened I can still play NES games for some reason but now none of the other slots on my R5 work. The SNES slot, when it does read a game, just gives me the cartridge power fault error.

So to conclude my post:
1) Are the slots on the Retron 5 modular so that I can replace them in the future?
2) Does anyone know of a fix for the cartridge power fault error? Games that were working before it now no longer work.
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