Retron v1.2 (June 8 2014) [defunct "src" link]

Instructions for installing and details on obtaining the latest stable and beta firmware updated for the Retron 5.
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Retron v1.2 (June 8 2014) [defunct "src" link]

Postby hikaricore » September 21st, 2014, 10:41 pm

I am only posting the changelog for v1.2 as I am unable to find the "src" link which is available for all other patches. It is possible there is not one and these patches were simply lost in the formatting change on the update website back when every new firmware release simply pointed to

Greatly improved manipulation of Gameboy/Gameboy Color cartridge saves
Added support for SNES S-DD1 carts (Star Ocean)
Added support for Sega Genesis cartridge mappers (fixes Super Street Fighter II)
Fixed SNES "Super 4 in 1 Multicart" soft reset problem
Tweaked the overscan setting
Compatibility fixes (Super Metroid, Phantasy Star IV, Beyond Oasis)

I found the src link for this update, however it redirects to which showcases v1.6:
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