RetroN 5 Application ChangeLog (Non-Beta)

Instructions for installing and details on obtaining the latest stable and beta firmware updated for the Retron 5.
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RetroN 5 Application ChangeLog (Non-Beta)

Postby hikaricore » September 21st, 2014, 10:33 pm

All info below is a direct copy of the details here:

v1.6 (13 August 2014)

Improvements to cartridge save access stability
SNES mouse handling improved (fixes Jurassic Park)
Other miscellaneous under the hood improvements

v1.5 (July 14 2014)

Writing GBA EEPROM saves back to the cartridge is now supported
Fixed corrupt text in GBA Phantasy Star Collection
Added NES mappers 47, 159
Fixed NES Action 52
Fixed SNES Megaman X/Rockman X
Fixed Genesis American Gladiators
The MODE button on Genesis 6-button controllers is now supported
START/SELECT may now be configured via the button mapping
SMS controller support was causing problems with some units, so this feature has been disabled for now
Miscellaneous other compatibility fixes

v1.4 (June 26 2014)

Added system for auto-detecting configuration of NES carts for certain mappers (0-4), which will significantly improve compatibility with various repros
Cheat system completely re-done
Improved SNES cartridge detection logic (resolving HiROM/LoROM related errors)
Better handling of Genesis cartridge saves
SMS compatibility fixes
Fixed a bug affecting a few NES CNROM cartridges
Sonic & Knuckles "lock-on" fully supported
Added support for NES mappers 40, 82, 225, 232
Added support for SMS controllers
Added support for save access on NES MMC6 cartridges (Startropics)
Fixed NES "Top Gun"
Fixed GBA Dragon Ball Z games
Modified the default button mapping between the wireless controller and GB/GBA/NES to match the layout of the original controllers
Fixed bug preventing console region setting working correctly with some games

v1.31 (June 10 2014)

Fixed problem writing saves back to cartridge for GBA games using the SRAM and FLASH save types
Fixed regression that caused SuperFX games to malfunction after saving/loading a state
Tweaks to power control which fixes several NES/Famicom games that were previously triggering a "power error"
Fixed an issue causing removal of SD cards to occasionally not be registered
Fixed small error with button mapping display where + and - on the wireless controller were inverted
Added support for SNES CX4 games (Megaman X2 etc)
Added support for NES mapper 95

v1.2 (June 8 2014)

Greatly improved manipulation of Gameboy/Gameboy Color cartridge saves
Added support for SNES S-DD1 carts (Star Ocean)
Added support for Sega Genesis cartridge mappers (fixes Super Street Fighter II)
Fixed SNES "Super 4 in 1 Multicart" soft reset problem
Tweaked the overscan setting
Compatibility fixes (Super Metroid, Phantasy Star IV, Beyond Oasis)


Numerous NES/Famicom compatibility fixes (including improved cartridge detection logic and mapper support)
Several SNES/Super Famicom compatibility fixes (including support for ExHiROM and "SpecialLoROM" games, and better cartridge detection logic)
Fixed manipulation of cartridge saves on SNES "HiROM" games
Fixed a bug preventing a small number of Sega Genesis cartridges from being properly detected
Fixed a bug which resulted in scanlines getting distorted if the screen size was not configured to the largest setting
Added the ability to optionally display scanlines at the main menu in addition to in-game
Large update to game identification databases
File manager copy now checks if the destination file already exists and prompts to overwrite if necessary
Beginning of effort to support homebrew and repro cartridges
More reliable manipulation of the front panel LED's
Removed default mapping for "fast forward" feature, as the original button combination was conflicting with some games
Fixed a bug causing the bottom line of Gameboy games' display to be cut off
Many under the hood changes and fixes
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