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Super Mario Advance 4 USA save requst

PostPosted: February 27th, 2015, 7:04 am
by GameFox
Hi im looking for a save for SMA4 that have all the eReader stages, i have a save that have them that i can use on an Emulator on the PC but save format on RetroN 5 and other emulators seems to be diferent unfortunetly :/ so i have not been sucess full with transfering a save so far.

Re: Super Mario Advance 4 USA save requst

PostPosted: June 5th, 2015, 2:01 pm
by MrMan2k7
With the latest beta firmware, I was able to load in a save I found on the internet that included the eReader stages. I downloaded the file and renamed it to overwrite my save for SMA4. It didn't seem to work at first, even though some text popped up saying "imported custom save" or something like that. Then, when I restarted the system and played it again, the new SRAM took hold. I can upload the SAV file directly from my RetroN5 later when I get the chance. That way it should work even without the latest beta firmware.

Re: Super Mario Advance 4 USA save requst

PostPosted: July 22nd, 2019, 6:11 am
by SteveEvans
Super Mario World saved data erased?
I recently bought a Super Nintendo and Super Mario World because I remember playing and loving it 10 years earlier. I got all the way to Bowser's Castle and a few secrets along the way. I decided to turn it off for another day since I also have a PS2 and a Gamecube and played those. 4 days later, I turn it on to beat Bowser and all 3 of my saved files were gone. Do I have to start all over? Is ther anyway to get it back?