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Gameboy HuC3 Saves (Robopon (US+JP), Pocket Family 1+2)

PostPosted: July 26th, 2018, 1:56 pm
by TUWieZ
I'm running official/most recent firmware on my retron5, and currently, I can't access my save files from any of my Robopon cartridges:

Robopon Sun (US), Robopon Sun (JP), Robopon Star (JP), Robopon Moon (JP), Robopon Comic Bom Bom (JP)

(RTC battery enabled pokemon clone games by hudson that came out between pokemon gen 1 and 2)

These cartridges all share the same unique hardware design and save mapper, known as "HuC3" - which is only supported by specialty emulators like GEST and GameYob.

Has anyone been able to access save files on these game carts through their retron5 with homebrew or cfw and/or is it possible? I need to back up these game's saves and I'd really like to play them on the retron5

As I stated, these cartridges have a unique hardware design: and that design includes features that drain the save battery faster than any of the pokemon games (IR transmitter/receiver on cart, speaker on cart, real-time-clock) which is why being able to back this save up is important. Thanks.