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OverClocked ReMix Collections

PostPosted: May 16th, 2017, 2:28 am
by R9delta
For those that are not aware OverClocked Remix ( is a place that hosts several thousand remixes of video game music by numerous artists. If you're not familiar with it or you've only had a passing interest at best it can be hard at first to find some good stuff on it as it hosts just so many music files on there.

As a result I've started putting together compilation albums of the music I personally enjoy from there and figured it might be worth sharing if anyone is interested.

OverClocked ReMix - OCR Best Collection Volume 1: First Impressions: ...

This compilation makes a pretty good introduction to OCR if you're not familiar with it as it consists of a lot of fan favorites that have kinda made it a hot spot to go to for VGM remixes in the first place. I put this together sometime in 2015.

OverClocked ReMix - OCR Best Collection Volume 2: The Dream Will Never Die: ...

This one I just finished putting together earlier this evening. I think it's a bit more cohesive and follows a bit more of a theme and I feel like i've thrown more effort into it than I did Vol. 1 at the time. Most of this consists of popular stuff too but there's a bit more variation genre wise here. Anyway give it a go.

Altogether there's 116 songs between the 2 albums (58 each). I'll update as I put together more stuff in the future...if not mostly just to keep this particular sub-forum from always just being a dumping ground where bots spam their shit.

OverClocked ReMix - OCR Best Collection Club Mix: Weapons of Mass Production: ...

Re: OverClocked ReMix Collections

PostPosted: September 13th, 2017, 12:55 pm
by R9delta

OCR Best Collection Volume 3: Bias Groove: ...

OCR Best Collection Club Mix Vol. 2: Intense Color: ...