GBA, GBC and GB rom issues

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GBA, GBC and GB rom issues

Postby Yo Asakura » March 7th, 2016, 11:04 am

I really really need some help or advice here i would very much appreciate it.

So I got the Retron 5 and all my old Games out and I got an SD card and patched all my Roms to ips files.
Sega roms work fine , SNES roms work fine, NES roms work fine and then just as I put in the GBA Game :
Bomberman Tournament and select a Rom patch GBA for Legend of Spyro and press play and then BLACK SCREEN.

So i tried a couple of other GBA games and different Roms for GBA and then I tried GBC roms with GBC Games in the slot. All those roms just for GBA and GBC wont read and dont work I always get a BLACK SCREEN.
I then informed myself a bit on the net and tried turning the " Patch header " on but it still failed.
My firmware update is brandnew. Everything else works just fine and I really love the system.

Of course I could just play my own GBA and GBC games but i find because the Gameboy library is so huge i would love to do some exploring on games but for some reason it wont play those roms.

Is it the ips files ? Did i forget something for those GBA and GBC roms ? Please let me know what you think i really am out of ideas and REALLY NEED YOUR HELP :)
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