gba cheat assistance

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gba cheat assistance

Postby brewser » April 2nd, 2017, 9:45 pm

hello i am brewser i am new to this forum, and I am relatively inexperienced in code formatting, however this hasn't stopped me from attempting to achieve my goal...
i really need some help in editing the gba cheat list on the retro5, not sure if they are game genie codes or action replay, but the codes that work for the game i want(pkmn FrRd) don't look like anything I've been able to find....
specifically i need a wild creature modifier for the 3rd generation pkmns(i have spent a few hours trying to make educated guesses but no success) strangely all 1st &2nd gen work fine...

the codes that work look like this (250 hooh)00000000:180415A6,000020FA:00000000
and the 3rd gen codes that wont work have many extra Zeros and much more, looking like this
(252 treeko) 00000000:180415A4,00002001:00000000,00000000:180415A4,00000200:00000000,00000000:180415A4 ,00003015:00000000

so i tried to edit this down and came up with 00000000:180415A6,00003015:00000000 but this gave me nothing
here is a list of codes that didnt work
00000000:180415A6,000020FB:00000000 this gave me a celibi(cool, but not a treeko)
00000000:180415A6,00002115:00000000 but still no luck

please help i am so close i can taste it i just need the right numbers... is there any one who can help me?
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