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RetroFreakRom: A RetroFreak Rom En/Decryption Tool.

Posted: October 25th, 2019, 11:37 am
by reminon
RetroFreakRom by GoobyCorp
RetroFreakRom is a simple, yet effective tool for decrypting Retro Freak dumped roms.

VisualStudio "GoobyCorp": For reversing the crypto code, and creating the app.
reminon: For collecting files, and minor research.
JurassicJeep12: For letting us use their console as a guinea pig. "Many thanks"

* A Retro Freak console "obvious".
*An update request "retrofreak-update-request.dat" from your Retro Freak Console.
*A Windows PC.
*Your Retro Freak's microsd with games installed or roms you want to install.

Retro Freak Update Request
Insert the microSD into the console, and select [Write Firmware Update Request to microSD] under
[System Settings.] Confirm with the [A] button.
Once the export is done, close the window first and then eject the microSD from the console. Insert the microSD into your computer.
Download the app from here:
VirusTotal: ... d5a6605281

Upon launching the app you are asked to find and select your retrofreak-update-request.dat.
After selecting your update request, you will be taken to the main screen.
Note: The serial in the screenshot is from a generic generated request. Not from a console. When you run the app it will be your console's serial.

Select an option "I chose multi as an example", and find the rom file or folder containing roms you want to en/decrypt. The app will do the rest, and will overwrite the original roms with the en/decrypted versions.

Re: RetroFreakRom: A RetroFreak Rom En/Decryption Tool.

Posted: October 26th, 2019, 1:30 pm
by R9delta
Man, this is amazing. I hope you posted it on reddit because this needs more attention