Patches and cheats?

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Patches and cheats?

Postby snapetwo » January 1st, 2017, 1:34 am

Hello everyone.
I am new to the retro5.
I have managed to do the patch/rom conversion, love it.

Now my question is, how do i apply the cheats of game genie and such?
I downloaded the cheats file from retro5, but that seems to only apply to the actual cartridge in the console, not the rom/patch I may be using....

any ideas?
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Re: Patches and cheats?

Postby R9delta » January 1st, 2017, 6:16 am

The cheat system is working like it's designed honestly. The CRC of the cartridge inserted is matched against the cheat database and it pulls up the proper cheats that way. The Retron 5 wasn't designed for rom conversions in the first place as it's really just exploiting the patch system which wasn't meant to be used in that way.

It is possible to work around it but you won't like the method and someone else will have to go more into detail about it assuming someone cares to. Open the cheat file for the system you're interested in, find the matching title and CRC for the cartridge you're using and then put in cheat codes for the game you're actually trying to apply to in that section. Meaning if you're using cheats for something like Earthbound but you're applying them to a Super Mario World with Super Mario World -> Earthbound rom conversion patch then you'll put in the proper Earthbound cheats in the Super Mario World/matching CRC section (right version and region of your cartridge and all) and then save the cheat xml file.

To clarify are you using a Retron 5 or Retro Freak? If you're using a Retro Freak just use the direct rom on your SD card and if there's cheats for it in the database it'll work properly without messing with any of this. if you're using a cartridge and converting it to another game via a patch on a Retron 5 or even the Retro Freak than yeah you're gonna have to use the method i described.
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Re: Patches and cheats?

Postby snapetwo » January 2nd, 2017, 6:03 pm

Thanks for the reply.
Ya we are using a retron5.
Put in sonic sega cartridge and then load say "mortal kombat" via the patch.
I've converted the roms to isp files.

I did start going down the road of modifying the xml cheat file before posting but didn't
Know where to find the cheat source for the games I wa ted
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