Order in your Retro Freak?

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Order in your Retro Freak?

Postby JBDUDE » August 25th, 2016, 3:51 pm

Hello everyone,

Recently I have bought a Retro Freak since I have heard that dumping roms in this system is much more easier than with the Retron 5 (wich i also own). No needs of ips patches! Yay, but the Retro Freak kinda have his own problems...

1. Can you rename the roms that you dump in the Retro Freak?, cause some games appear with Japanese characters, even when the game is fully english. Even when I rename the roms on my PC, nope, same title keeps appearing?!? :cry:

2. Can we create sub-folders? I hate scrolling down 800 titles only because i want to play ¨Zelda¨, that's why i want to create alphabetical folders.

Overall I love this console but those 2 problems kinda disappoint me.

PS: those 2 features are available on the Retron 5

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Re: Order in your Retro Freak?

Postby R9delta » August 25th, 2016, 7:33 pm

Unfortunately it's pretty much a 'no' to both questions. You can sort the roms out however you want on the SD card itself under the game folder but the Retro Freak just lumps them by system and no further once they're read. If it's any consolation the newest firmware (1.6 I believe) will let you hold the Y button (assuming Retro Freak controller) while you're scrolling to scroll MUCH faster through a list.

But yes...things get rough when you've got whole rom collections for each system on the Retro Freak. Personally I just keep about 1000 of my favorite games TOTAL between all the systems it supports to keep it at least somewhat manageable.

As for the first question, the Retro Freak will match the CRC of the rom against it's own database and that can't be changed as far as I know....so you're pretty much stuck with whatever info they've put in for a game.
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Re: Order in your Retro Freak?

Postby JBDUDE » August 26th, 2016, 10:54 am

Thanks for the quick reply.

Very useful that "Y" button trick. Never knew about that!
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