Retro Freak v1.6 (Apr 26 2016)

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Retro Freak v1.6 (Apr 26 2016)

Postby clubizarre » May 4th, 2016, 7:31 pm

Looks like a new firmware update has hit! =)

Here is the Google Translate change log:

Shortcuts Added "Main Menu". The set button (the default setting of the standard controller [HOME + R]) by pressing, you can during the game Back to "Game Menu" directly to the Main menu without displaying.

[*]The database of game information has been updated.
[*]Fixed a bug in the game of the operation part. The operation is to improve the game in ver1.6 [here] Please confirm.

You can find the file here:

I followed the guide below for the Feb update, so I would imagine it's the same procedure:

**Update Complete**
I just did the update to my RetroFreak and everything works fine. I tried out HOME+R and it immediately exits the game to the main menu (as stated in the release notes). The only other thing I noticed is the scan lines seem a bit better?? Maybe?
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