Retro Freak v2.3 (Oct 21 2016)

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Retro Freak v2.3 (Oct 21 2016)

Postby R9delta » November 16th, 2016, 11:30 pm

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As a note make sure you're on at least v1.5 or above before you attempt to do the update. This update is a few weeks old but the Retro Freak's updates hadn't been covered in a long time.


- The database of game information has been updated.

· Fixed a bug in the game of the operation part. The game the operation is to improve [here] to please check.


New DUALSHOCK4 the (CUH-ZCT2J) has been modified to recognize as a controller for the PlayStation.


Added support for gear converter (CY-RF-5 / CY-RF-5BK).

Gear converter when used, it was corresponding to the operation of the following games.
1) Game Gear (cartridge)
2) Sega Mark III (cartridge / My card Mark III)
3) SG-1000 (cartridge / My card / Othello multi vision for the cartridge)

Mega adapter when used, SG-1000 cartridge, SG-1000 My card, was corresponding to the operation of Othello multi-vision for the cartridge.

- The storage management function was implemented. Main menu Information of the (upper right) from the [body] or [microSD] icon, you can open the management menu of each storage.

Game list Added OPTION menu. By pressing the OPTION button, or open a save data management menu of the game in the selection, you can do such as the deletion of game data.

Quick grew a save slot to place 100 (0-99).

Quick at the time of selection of save slots, it was to display a screen shot of each Quick save.
(From the quick save, which was saved after this update, you will be screen shot is displayed)

• The main menu and a screen shot of the game screen to be displayed on the game list can now be locked (fixed).
After you select a game from the game list, move the cursor to the screen shot in the main menu, press the [A button], please select [Lock].

· The page up / page down operation was also applied to a page other than the game list. (Only when the standard controller used)
hold down the Y button ↑: page up
while holding down the Y button ↓: page down

- Improved the stability of the operation.

- The database of game information has been updated.
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