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This is an unoffical Retron 5 community.

PostPosted: September 14th, 2014, 11:53 am
by hikaricore
Welcome to The first(?) dedicated, albeit unofficial Retron 5 community forum.

I noticed a glaring lack of community organization for the Retron 5 and decided I was tired of waiting for Hyperkin to address it themselves so I just did it. It again should be strongly noted that I/we are not affiliated with Hyperkin in any way shape or form. We can not provide support for the Retron 5 in any official capacity, though you may be able to speak with others who have run into similar issues if you have a problem. Please direct all complaints about the product such as warranty and official support related issues to Hyperkin themselves here:

Otherwise, welcome to the site! Let's try to make this a friendly and productive community forum. :)