ATTN to anyone that downloads my patches

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ATTN to anyone that downloads my patches

Postby R9delta » December 26th, 2017, 12:17 am

I've come to find out due to many users on here and other places like Reddit that many of patches have gotten removed by mediafire thanks to Nintendo. Pretty much anything that's gotten hit has been related to a game published by them. Due to this and the fact that there hasn't really been a request for a patch that needed to be fixed to work on the Retron 5 in quite some time (just requests to reupload or a related question) I feel it's time I just provide a single zip with every patch i've done myself or fixed to work on the Retron 5/Retro Freak. Eventually I'll find a new host but I've thought about taking a break from maintaining this for awhile. I just really haven't had the time. Anyway those things aside you can now find a single zip of all the patches available here: ...

New patches added as of 01-03-18:
-Super Mario Land 2 DX (Apply to SML2 US/EU v1.0)
-Super Famicom Wars (Super Mario World US v1.0 to Super Famicom Wars Conversion patch)
-Princess Minerva
-Breath of Fire (JPN v1.1) to (US)
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