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Goemon 3 for super famicom

PostPosted: July 17th, 2020, 4:52 pm
by dustbuster
I am having trouble getting the iPs patch from rom to work on the retron 5. Can anybody help with a patch that does work? Thank you

Re: Goemon 3 for super famicom

PostPosted: August 6th, 2020, 3:46 pm
by R9delta
So I know this is really late (I don't check this forum anymore but maybe once every few months) but I fixed up patches for that game some time ago. There's 3 different versions of it which is likely why you're not having that much luck.

(For v1.0 of game)



There's no way of knowing what version you have off the bat so just go down this list until you pick the right one for your cartridge that works.

Edit: Ganbare Goemon 1 and 4 added. Just check the main folder: ... anslations