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Problem using Repro cart with 32mb TSOP chip

PostPosted: May 26th, 2015, 11:54 pm
by Retroguy
I have created many Repro carts and used them on the Retron5. However, when I create a Repro cart for SNES using a 32mb rom chip (29f032 or 29f033c), and put it in the Retron5 it will load the game correctly but it basically burns out the cart rom chip. The next time I attempt to insert the cart, the unit just says no cartridge found. Also, when I open the cartridge the rom chip has a slight burned smell.

My question is whether anyone else has successfully created a Repro cart using a 32mb TSOP chip and had it keep working after the first time?

Since there are hundreds of people that have successfully made Repros with these for original SNES systems, I can only assume that somehow the Retron5 interface to the cartridge is overpowering the chip. This does not happen for standard EPROMs. My next test is to make a cart in exactly the same way and test it on a friend's original SNES. I am pretty sure it will work fine.

(BTW, I know there are many that are vehemently opposed to making Repro carts. I understand their position. I will only use the worst sports games as donors, and would never sell one. It is nice though to be able to play the best of the best of the best MIB reference :lol: Retro games on the Retron5 including Starfox2, Earthbound Zero, Super Mario RPG, etc. So no need for flaming.)