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Oh noes! Se Dschermans arrr comeing!

PostPosted: October 9th, 2014, 10:02 pm
by DJMadMax
And here they are!
Well, at least one of'em ;)

Dont worry, my english isnt that bad. Actually I even think it's pretty good :D
I just stumbled upon this forum due to the actual copyright infringement Hyperkin
is having trouble with.

Uh, I just ended that sentence with a preposition, didn't I? ^^ Nah, just kidding,
it's late (at least in Germany, 4:00 AM) and I'm a bit exhausted right now.

I thought I'd register up to the forum and give you guys a quick introduction to

My name is Sven, born in 1983 and living near Frankfurt am Main.

So why am I interested in this site? Actually I own two RetroN 5, one is factory-
sealed (got both from ThinkGeek, one ordered by myself and one ordered through
a friend who's stationed at the Ramstein Airbase). Why did I order two? Because I
wanted to know the cost-difference between the "normally imported one" and the
one being sent without toll and steep shipping costs.

Ya wanna know? The one for $139 delivered through my us-american friend was
just under $150 - including tax and shipping cost.

The one I bought and imported by myself was a bit more expensive. I believe it was
something about $180 to $200 including tax, toll and shipping.

Ah yes, the bad thing's thou... both are grey ones - but that's the least thing I worry
about, honestly :)

So, why the RetroN 5?
I'm a true Car- and Home HiFi and Home Cinema-enthusiast and also a retrogamer
and partly a retro video game (consoles) collector. Of course I have a bunch of
legitimate Nintendo consoles and SEGA consoles laying around but for the living
room, where the video projector is hooked up, the RetroN 5 with it's native 720p
output, the generally easy handling (despite removing of inserted cartridges, I
hope they get punished for what they constructed there!) and just because I think
it's a great idea for most casual gamers who may still own some of their old games
but arent able to connect their old NES or Master System to a modern HDTV. Those
are basically the reasons why I own a RetroN 5... or two, to be exactly :D

I think, that's it for now. I've already noticed throughout several postings in this
forum that most of you seem to be the typically funny nerd to be expected on such
a platform. Me like! :lol: :mrgreen: I'll try to fit in ^^

Cya, DJMadMax